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How to Know the Type of Tech Personality You Have?



Your personality determines your success in the career path you choose to take. It makes you more flexible and creative in the workplace. Having a grasp of the kind of personality you have enables you to discover the job to which you are being called for. 

The 5 Different Tech Personality Types that You Should Know About 

Ambitious 9-to-5er 

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You have this type of personality when you still figure out what you want for a career or if you are just starting your chosen endeavor. You define a good job with the amount of money you earn from it. For you, salary determines how happy you are with your job. Most times, you desire to jump off to a new job in three months or less because you keep on hunting for a job that can pay you $50,000 or more. At some point or another, you think of yourself as someone incapable of learning and acquiring a new skill. And that you would rather work for a non-profit or charity organization. 

Ambitious 9-to5ers (like you) are all set for an on-site and full-time career provided that a career path has been chosen beforehand. A rewarding future awaits you if you are willing to invest some of your time in learning new skills at this point.

Conscious Coordinator

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You are a conscious coordinator if you have been working in your chosen career for five to ten years now. Maybe because of your lengthy work experience, you might think that you are too old to learn a new skill. Despite that, you are still willing to dedicate ten hours a week (maximum) in acquiring new skills. 

What makes you unique from other people is your ability to keep things in order. You are penny-wise too. You look forward to earning $75,000 or more for your family. It is not a surprise to see you work in digital agencies or fashion and design companies since these jobs pay you good cash. 

When asked about one thing that you could change about your job, it is no surprise if you choose to work from home since it defines a perfect workplace where you can spend quality time with your kids and do another income on the side, maybe.


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Even in the face of being extremely busy at work, you are not making the right amount of money you deserve to get. It’s been some time that you have taken a break from your career. As we speak, you might be thinking about getting a full-time and on-site career that you love doing. You deserve an upgrade. Although you seem hesitant to learn new skills because of your demanding work schedule, you are willing to dedicate ten hours a month to seek a little upgrade.

You’ll need it as you keep an eye on earning $100,000 or more. 

Pragmatic Professional

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You need nothing but a fulfilling and rewarding full-time on-site tech job at a reputable company. A financial institution or a law firm is perfect. You are eager to face new challenges and new clients every day. Aside from the perks that await a tech worker like, you completely understand how your career gives you job security and interesting pay. You keep an eye on making $150,000, don’t you? 

At the back of your mind, you want to set your own work schedule and be your boss. Although you are not willing to learn the skill of coding because of its cost, you still devote ten hours of your time each month to learn new skills most especially when it is work-related.  

Freelance Hero

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You are the boss. You are skillful enough to set your own rate and choose your clients. With the increasing number of small businesses that need websites, you are more than ready to start a freelance career now. You don’t have to work for someone else’s company because you can start your own. Have the advantage to work anytime and anywhere. So buckle up and face new clients and earn $150,000 or more. 

In a broad-spectrum, the significance of the connection between a job and personality cannot be overstated. Choosing a career that best suits your personality can give you the pleasure in what you do. Failure to do so may result in a stressful and fruitless work milieu.    

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How to Avoid Phishing Scams during Holidays?



Getting rid of phishing scams must be everyone’s business. As the government continues to perform its duty of protecting its people’s cyber rights, every citizen must be educated about safe online practices. The capability to recognize phishing scams enables us to avoid it including all other computer pitfalls. 

First thing first. Let us dig a little deeper into the relevant facts about phishing scams. At this point, I will be sharing about some ways on how to avoid getting scammed most especially during holidays. 

 Understanding What a Phishing Scam Means

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Consumers, like you, are the main target of phishing. Have you received an email asking you to key-in confidential information? This is a scammer’s game. They launch thousands of phishing attacks every single day through text messages and emails just to steal your account numbers, social security numbers, and passwords.

Sorry to say that these people have profitably made good money from it over the past years. However, as long as you know the signs of phishing, it is easy to drive away from them. 

What are Signs of a Phishing Scam?

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Phishing may appear to be a note coming from your bank or your credit card company. They may look like something from your favorite online shop, or from a payment website or a social media site you recently visited. 

They trick you to open an attachment or click a link by telling a convincing story or giving free stuffs. In detail, it may tell you about a suspicious log-in attempt in your social media account and that, you need to authenticate some personal information to handle the matter. Phishing scams may also appear as a notification of your eligibility for a refund. But first, you must register to the site they have provided. 

All these are signs of phishing. Distinguishing real emails from scams is not a joke. It takes a high level of mental power to decide which one is true amidst all the thousands of fakes around. But, reading between the lines helps a lot. Although phishing scams look like authentic messages or emails, you may see that there is something wrong about it.

The more you check for any communication glitch, the less you become vulnerable from it. For instance, using generic greetings in emails is not a thing for banks. Why would they do that when they can call you by your last name? They have authorized custody of your personal information in the first place. 

What are Smart Ways to Avoid Phishing Scams?

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Phishing scams can harm your reputation. Any unauthorized access to your data entails big challenges on your finances. Protect yourself with these tips.

Use security software.

Email spam filter is not enough to kick out phishing scams from your inbox. Scammers reinvent new ways to outsmart these spam filters. So, it is clever to add some more layers of system security. More anybody else, you deserve to live a life that is free from any form of security threats and scams. Get the best out of it by setting it to automatic updates. Make sure to have it in all your devices too. 

Utilize a multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication requires you to enter more than one credentials in logging in to your account. It works by either using a passcode sent to your number or a fingerprint scan or face scan. This makes it harder for scammers to access your account even if they have already taken your password and username unlawfully. 

Don’t click suspicious emails. 

Malicious software installation is a threat to your cybersecurity. Never download any file attachment in an unknown sender’s email message. Check for emails from known senders in your junk folder. If you see any suspicious mail, never open it. Instead, delete it from your junk folder.   

Be cautious with giving out data in online job postings and credit applications. 

Cybercriminals take advantage of an individual’s desire to land a job. The popularity of online job postings and credit applications has become a scammer’s venue to phish. These people create bogus job postings that require you to give out confidential data such as financial information and account passwords. Never divulge any personal information over the internet or through the phone. Verify legitimacy before sharing your confidential data to others. 

As a final point, I believe that you have become a more confident internet user. You can distinguish authentic emails from scams, can’t you? With all these tips in mind, you can keep away from getting scammed. 

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Android Accounting Apps Good for Your Business



An effective small business owner stays on top of his business. 

With the right accounting software in place, nothing can stop an on-the-go business small owner. In the face of countless web-based accounting software in the market, business owners can’t help fall in love with accounting apps for greater mobility. Access to your accounting tools and financial data through a mobile phone is far-fetched. It maximizes the business owners’ capacity to supervise business operations wherever they go and whenever they want to. 

Considering the reality that not all accounting apps can fit your business, highlighted are the four best accounting apps that you can run through your android phone. These apps are broken down into capabilities, user experience, and pricing. 

If you want to find out which app works best for your trade, let’s go ahead and dive into each app’s details. 

What are the 4 Best Accounting Apps in the Market?

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QuickBooks Accounting App

This is one of the most loved and recognized accounting apps. When it comes to user-friendliness, QuickBooks is the name you can trust. The fact that the app can be run on an Android and iOS smartphone or tablet lets you pull up accounting data easily and effortlessly. It is amazing to note that it automatically syncs all your data across all these devices. 

With QuickBooks, you can make and send invoices while you are on the go. You can settle bank statements, take pictures of receipts, generate professional estimates, record mobile payment transactions and access balance sheets, cash flow, and other accounting reports. 

The app is free. However, you need to have a QuickBooks account to use it. You need to invest as little as $10 each month to acquire a plan and take advantage of this accounting tool. 

FreshBooks Accounting App

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This accounting app is popular for its user-friendliness and spontaneity. It should come as no surprise that it is one of the best accounting apps in the market today. 

Although American CPAs do not find FreshBooks-generated accounting reports favorable, it managed to have a 4.8 out of 5 stars rank in the Apple App Store. With a plan that is as low as $15 each month, you can track your billable hours, manage expenses, update invoices in real-time, make and send invoices, settle bank account, capture receipts, and chat with clients.

Zoho Books Accounting App

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Garnering a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Apple App Store, Zoho Books’ reliability in helping small business owners manage their business operations is without a shred of doubt. It is designed with the users in mind because it can work with Apple Maps, Siri, and iMessage. It can be accessed through Apple or Android phones and watches. This is one of the mostly-used apps in the market.  

With a rock-solid accounting functionality, Zoho Books allows small business owners to access their detailed accounting reports in seconds, set important notifications, and manage business expenses in a very easy way. Not just that, it also generates estimates, account statements, and processes invoices in real-time. Last but not least, it enables you to communicate with your customers as well. 

To take advantage of these core accounting capabilities, a Zoho Books subscription plan starting at $9 each month is needed. As you noticed, this app is so far the most affordable tool that you can grab for your business accounting needs. 

Wave Accounting App

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Unlike the three accounting apps I enumerated above, Wave offers extraordinary accounting capabilities for free. There is no need to pay anything to use it. However, it does not put forward all the accounting core functions except the management of receipts and invoices.  

One of its interesting features is its capability to be used in offline mode. Wave syncs your scanned receipts offline as soon as your smartphone gets connected to the internet. The beauty of Wave does not end here. You can make, customize, and send invoices through Wave. You can also send payment reminders so that you won’t miss any payment. You can even mark paid invoices and receive invoice notifications. 

Here is the catch. You don’t need an accounting degree to manage accurate business data and documents. As long as you have a trusted android accounting app in place, you got covered. You need not be a mathematician or a computer programmer to operate these apps simply because these are very easy to use.

As a bonus, they come in an assortment so you can choose which among them provides the easiest access and can perfectly work with your business’ needs and financial capabilities. 

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Kiddie Gadgets to Keep Your Little Ones Occupied While You Travel



As a parent, perfecting the art of handling the little ones at the back seat is a must.

Children, by nature, are hard to manage. It takes a lot of focus, patience, and creativity to keep them occupied. Traveling with these little fellows is a way much difficult than you thought. A long ride gets kids bored and out of control. Luckily, technology has fashioned several gadgets that can keep these alpha generation kids happy.

Listed below are four of the numerous gadgets that parents can make use of to keep their children busy as they take a trip. These gadgets have helped many parents pull off a dream trip even with restless kids around.

With the apps that you can download on these gadgets, you won’t hear your kids asking typical questions like “Are we there yet?” while you are on the road.

Top 4 Travel Gadgets for Your Little Ones

1. Tablet

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As the iPad came out some years ago, tablets’ popularity has gone out of hand. Unlike smartphones, a tablet has a longer battery life and a bigger screen. It is perfect for watching movies if you are in the middle of the road. No doubt, your kids will love it more if you will fill it with games, fun apps, and offline TV shows. Download some coloring book apps and get ready to fire up your kids’ artistic side.

A Nook Tablet is a kids’ favorite. It gives children a superb comics reading experience. Children’s books will surely captivate the heart of these young readers.

2. iPod Touch

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An iPod touch is much easier to carry than a tablet. Although it fits well with individuals of all ages, it is a good pick for younger ones. With iPod touch, children can watch their favorite movies, play games, and listen to podcasts and music on-the-go. They can also enjoy taking HD videos as they comfortably take a seat at the back. A happy family vacation must be well-documented, in the first place.  

IPod can exchange i-messages and texts with other iOs devices as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection. Video-chatting via FaceTime is also within its capabilities.

3. LeapFrog LeapPad

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Over the years, LeapFrog never failed to help thousands of parents teach their little ones with the basics of reading and arithmetic. LeapPad is a tablet that stores an amazing collection of educational content that kids find irresistible. Its 5-inch screen and 2GB built-in storage allow whatever kids want to do on the gadget- from recording videos down to creating their own stories or voice narrations.  

4. VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet

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This gadget works similarly with an iPad wherein your kids can play interactive ebooks that include animation, sounds and music, character voices, and story narration. These little ones will surely take pleasure in watching the words being highlighted as they read. For children who have just started learning reading, bumping into some words that are difficult to read is not a problem. They can simply touch a word and hear them being pronounced.

VTech InnoTab is designed to have a motion sensor and a touch screen to allow the kids to enjoy the learning apps and games. If they found all these games exhausting, they can go ahead and take selfies. They can also listen to their favorite songs since it has a built-in MP3 player. Added to its features are photo viewer, notepad, address book, clock, calendar, and a calculator.

Here is a thing.

Parenthood must not push us to give up travel.

Taking our little ones on a journey means packing up more than just a suitcase of stuff but also a huge amount of patience. With all these gadgets in place, traveling with our little ones must not have to be a nightmare. These gadgets can keep our kids happy and us (parents) stress-free as we journey a few miles away from home.

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