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These Sites Will Definitely Make You Smarter



You wouldn’t believe that you are bringing with you the wealth of knowledge every day. Your smartphone gives you the power to be at your best anywhere and anytime. When it comes to access to resources and information, you can never go wrong with the internet. 

The sky is the limit as most people say. The great works of tech engineers as paired with the ubiquity of smartphones make many people cleverer. These killer websites below have knocked people’s socks off. Get to know them and get ready to monopolize the knowledge.

10 Best Sites that Make You Smarter


One of the most highly recommended sites is Duolingo. It is both a site and an app that allows you to learn a variety of languages on your own. Unlike other language-teaching websites, Duolingo delivers the promise of multilingualism at no extra cost. Speaking and understanding English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese can now be learned anytime and anywhere. With this site, you turn out to be a polyglot in a couple of months. However, the diligence you spend in using this site does the trick this time. 

Khan Academy

Indeed, getting into college is not a thing for everybody since not all can afford it. The amount of money required to complete a college degree can be overwhelming. In-depth knowledge of tertiary subjects is within an easy reach with Khan Academy. It is a site that allows you to become skilled at subjects and courses that are normally taught in universities and colleges. It allows you to be educated with humanities, economics, and finance, etc without having to worry about tuition. The platform evaluates your learning and progress.


It is every student’s challenge to do homework and prepare for exams. CliffsNotes gives these young folks some helpful resources and study guides on subjects that they are expected to go over. Thousands of high school and college students have found their way out from the dark art of homework with this site.

Project Gutenberg 

Can you imagine creating your own library containing thousands of free e-books? Project Gutenberg gives you free download access to these amazing tons of e-books legally and for free.


Mastering recall plays a vital role in memorizing information. Anki is the home of thousands of flashcards online that can help you recall things and information quicker. As compared with other sites that are also designed for this exact purpose, Anki is flexible enough to let you embed videos, images, texts, and audios on these online flashcards. As a result, studying and recalling things have turned out to be smarter and easier.


For a couple of years now, TED talks have benefitted the public with free insights coming from not less than the world’s smartest individuals and experts in their field. The app offers tons of video lectures that can help you catch up on the latest talks. Not just that, it also gives you the learning growth of a seminar straight from your phone. So, go ahead and cross out the travel cost because you don’t need such with TED.


Don’t get fooled by its name. The site allows you to get to know other cultures on all sides of the globe. It is an amazing website that allows you to be on a social network with other community locals and connect with other travelers. It enables you to build a connection and create new experiences with new acquaintances.

Justin Guitar

Music-inclined people would love Justin Guitar. The site teaches you the basics of playing the guitar on your own. Although playing the guitar isn’t that easy to learn, this site can help you out. It contains hundreds of free guitar lessons in various styles. So, if you are one of the many people who want to pick the guitar up, you can never go wrong with Justin Guitar.


Consider it as your biggest leap in winning a job. Smarterer tests your skills and abilities. Be it in writing or programming. It allows you to take a set of skill tests that give you the proof of qualification needed to land a job.


The last on the list, HackADay is the home of all the hacks and tricks that you can utilize on a day-to-day basis. You love knowing how to fix a faulty Apple charger or build a movie prop in an incredibly easy way, don’t you? With HackADay, you have everything under control.

The bottom line is that there is a wide array of websites and apps that can make people cleverer and smarter. These days, the power of the internet makes almost everything effortless and on the spot. Fortunately, its generosity has provided us with the things we wish to know- from home remedies down to finance and investment. More and more people have started to take on to the new opportunities of learning new things at their fingertips. Take advantage of these sites and you’ll see a smarter version of you.

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3 Ways To Put A Stop on Financial Arguments with Your Partner



People argue mostly about money and it has been recorded that in a relationship or marriage a third of it is because of finances. When you’ve committed to being someone’s life partner, it comes with a lot of responsibility and the way that you handle things like finances will likely change. 

Money issues can be so troublesome and put a huge strain on a relationship. According to research, 22% of all divorces are due to money issues. What a couple should know that these fights are not really caused by the lack of money, it is the lack of respect and open communication when discussing finances.

In this article, we will give you tips you should consider so you and your partner can stay together and happy and most importantly, prevent money from destroying your relationship.

Discover Each Other’s Money Personalities

We already know that a couple’s relationship is shaped by love and mutual understanding. This includes handling money as well. Learning your partner’s money personality will give you a clear picture so both of you can hopefully reach a compromise. Is your partner a spender, hoarder, money worrier, money avoiders, money monks, money amassers, risk-takers, and avoiders? Knowing this will help you communicate and empathize with your partner and when you openly communicate what you dislike about them, it gives you the chance to strategize and think of solutions that will benefit both parties and this will result in accepting the behavior as part of your partner’s money personality. Communication is key! 

Schedule A Money Date

Have you ever had a money date with your partner? No matter how in sync you and your partner in other aspects of your lives, it can be challenging to get on the same page when it comes to finances. A money date is a way for you and your partner to talk about money in a calm way and without hostility. This is the time where the couple should assess their financial status and really talk over your financial goals. What you really want and how do you envision them and making it happen are just a few of the things that need to be discussed. 

How do you do your money date? You can treat it the same as going on a regular date with your partner. You can have them once a week, once a month, twice a year, etc  

Both Should Assume the CFO Role and Take Turns

It doesn’t matter if you have a one-income household or both wage earners. Working out a detailed budget together will result to less fights or arguments on your finances. Prioritize the bills and agree on out of budget purchases. One way to do this is by using a budgeting or financial app or for some couples, a monthly budget or allowance for each are set. Come up with an arrangement you can both live with, and revisit it every few months.

While setting your finances straight, it is also a great time to learn to save for the future as well. Talk it out with your partner about your financial goals for the next few years, whether it ba having a miscellaneous section for you to splurge on and pampering yourself, investing in stocks, building up your emergency fund, etc.

The bottom line is if we keep open communication and respect each other’s needs to have control over their money, arguments like this will be reduced. 

Considering the above-mentioned tips can certainly help you if you are struggling and can help you avoid arguments over finances. 

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Life Hacks

6 Online Sites That Will Make You a Genius



 The internet has been fed up with plenty of content. This includes self-help sites and time-wasting online games. At times, you get weighed down with the richness of its content. You numb your brain in spending most of your time online. You aren’t conscious about the importance of feeding it with useful information rather than with mental exhaustion.  

Most of us tend to limit ourselves to sites that give us nothing but entertainment, social media sites for instance. Admit it or not, you are one of the thousands of people who check their notifications from time to time. You waste so much of your time doing pointless things on the internet. Worse, you are not aware of it.

But then, there is no point in crying over spilled milk. Get things right by shifting to more significant contents that teach you the basic of everything. Not sure where to begin? Not a problem. Go ahead and check the list of internet sites below to get started.

Be a Genius with These 6 Internet Sites 

Today is your lucky day.

You can learn almost everything online for free.

1. CreativeLive

This photo is taken from

Unleash your creativity by taking part in CreativeLive online workshops about design, video, music, photography, and many more. You’ll be surprised to see how much you have improved.

2. Guides

This photo is taken from

Guides is the home of thousands of e-books that teach you about all the topics you have in mind. Some of which include entrepreneurship, health, fitness, etc. Guides is a publishing platform where anybody can share his knowledge and expertise through “How to Guides”. These guides are accessible and free.

3. Psychology Today

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When you want to understand yourself better and improve your mental wellness, Psychology Today is the site that you are looking for. It seeks help from a group of mental health experts who share their thoughts about parenting, anxiety, memory, cognition, and so on.

4. Udacity

This photo is taken from

It keeps an eye on bringing higher education to all the people all across the globe. This internet site is in the mission to help you improve your career by offering courses in programming, web design, business, marketing, and many more.  

5. Highbrow

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Why waste five minutes of your time on garbage sites when you can spare it in learning something new? With Highbrow, your five minutes count. Rush up and check your inbox for a 5-minute lesson daily. Highbrow lessons do not just boost your mental health but improve your emotional intelligence as well. With lessons about CSS, body language, and SEO, you become a better person in a few short months.

6. Lumosity

This photo is taken from

It lets you determine the mental skills that you look forward to perking up. Let’s say that you have chosen memorization and problem-solving, the site administers a baseline test to which your personalized program be patterned. Lumosity lends you a hand when it comes to the improvement of mental acuity.

The beauty of self-learning comes with the richness of the internet. It opens a bunch of wonderful opportunities to become skillful and knowledgeable. Making use of your time on these sites can let you hone a better version of you. Start learning something new and gear up to the indulgence of the sense of accomplishment every time you get your hands on new wisdom.

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Life Hacks

Distraction Hacks to Keep You Focus



No one can keep his focus forever.

Maintaining focus has become trickier as the world has turned out to be more snowed out with distractions. Everything battles for your time and attention. If you are having problems with losing focus in meetings, you are not alone. Average people have an 8-minute attention span. This could be attributed to the invention of smartphones.

At some points in your life, you have zoned out in a meeting because you suddenly thought of checking your social media feeds and notifications. But then, there should be no reason to drop the hope off. There are always better ways to enhance your focus.

Check out these distraction hacks that have helped many people as we speak. With these hacks, you are a step closer to improving a laser-like focus which you need in finishing a book, studying, or simply completing a task.

5 Easy Hacks to Maintain Your Focus

1. Be aware of the things that distract you.

The first step that you need to do in maintaining your focus is recognizing the things and activities that distract you. The moment you are sidetracked on something, recognize it and make sure to come back to what you work on. As I said earlier, no one can maintain his focus forever. It does not make you less of a person when your focus drifts. What is more important is that you tried your best to re-focus on the task at hand.

2. Move away from disturbances.

There is no way you can stamp out distractions because the world has lots of them. The best thing you can do about it is to get rid of pointless distractions. There are distractions to which you can never run away from. Yes, I am talking about your smartphone.

Limit your smartphone usage by turning it on an airplane mode at a particular time of the day. But make sure that you have informed your colleagues and family that you aren’t contactable on those hours. However, if you think that this option isn’t feasible, simply turn off your app notifications most especially during your work hours.

3. Reward yourself with a good night’s sleep.

Lack of sleep is detrimental to your health. It does not only affect your work performance but your cognitive health as well. A good night’s sleep lets you make wise decisions even under pressure. Thus, it also helps you recall information and thinks clearly. When your body is well-rested, you stay focused and alert even without getting a sip of coffee as you work. Sleeping feeds your body with innovative thinking, creativity, and the capability to synthesize ideas with no trouble.

4. Stay away from multitasking.

Multitasking is a skill that anybody must learn. But then, if multitasking is performed for a long time, it is harmful to your brain health. Do you know that when you jump from task to task, your brain becomes vulnerable to fatigue? An exhausted brain makes it even harder for you to complete a task simply because it cannot function well due to worn out. According to research, multitasking loses almost 50% of your work productivity. So, prioritize your tasks. Then, work on them one after the other. Make it a habit to take short breaks.

5. Get rid of clutter.

There is evil in clutter. A messy work station decreases one’s ability to focus. A tidy desk means a lot when we speak of focus. Remove all the unnecessary things on your work table. However, if you think that adding a pot of plant enhances your mood as you work, you may do so. Spend an extra ten minutes in getting things in order before leaving your work desk. You’ll be excited to start working with a neat and tidy work desk the next day.   

Imagine if everybody has improved his motivation and ability to focus on the large projects and tasks he has at hand, life could be less taxing and more comfortable. The ability to concentrate is an indicator of future success. This is because the focus is on the grass root of essential work skills like perseverance, efficiency, and problem-solving.  

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